Get money flowing and re-build our middle class.

  • Stimulate local commerce with tax cuts: sales tax (a regressive tax that disproportionately hurts lower and no income people) and personal income tax on annual earnings below $120K.
  • Institute new income supplement grants and housing subsidy programs, as well as pilot-test Universal Basic Income.

Create immediate job opportunities.

  • Invest in infrastructure development, like affordable housing campuses, homeless rehabilitation centers, subway and mass transit system, parks and public spaces and community programming, co-learning and co-working spaces, learning labs and lounges, government tech campus, international innovation campus, and information technology and telecommunications platforms.
  • Expand city services such as garbage collection, street-cleaning and snow-plowing services, education and talent development programs, mental health services, neighborhood security, social services for seniors and people with disabilities, and resident and visitor services.



Support our small businesses with capital and resources

  • Implement new rent subsidy programs to stop the bleeding of our small business jobs.
  • Provide support and training to help small business owners take advantage of new technologies and tools, and help brick-and-mortar retailers transition to e-commerce and delivery-based platforms to drive efficiencies and grow their revenue.

Drive job growth in our creative industries and startup communities.

  • Establish new programs to fund and support our creative class (e.g., architects, fashion designers, artists, writers and performers).
  • Build out proprietary innovation and tech support system and equip our next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to activate and commercialize their ideas.



Ignite new industries to create long-term job opportunities.

  • Diversify our city’s economy and seed new economic ecosystems around emerging high-growth industries by investing in research in areas like artificial intelligence, biotech, quantum computing, on-demand manufacturing, urban farming, robotics and virtual reality.
  • Partner with other cities to form a new Smart Cities alliance and innovation program to pool and co-locate our research and development resources around smart infrastructure, like smarter pavement materials, smarter school amenities and smarter tax-processing services.

Develop direct sources of revenue and jobs.

  • Develop new city-owned enterprises (NYC Enterprises) to compete in the private market on behalf of the public.
  • Legalize and regulate marijuana, and grow industry ecosystem – farming, medical research, new product development, production, distribution and retail dispensaries.


Help our existing workforce transition to higher-paying jobs.

  • Implement vocational programming, apprenticeships and job matching services for new roles in teaching, construction, community protection, engineering, programming, mental health, social work, etc.

Prepare our children for future jobs.

  • Instill our children with integrity and empathy, teach them life skills, and nourish a new way to think, create and collaborate.
  • Reform preK-12 education to better align curriculum and format with the skills and vocational expertise required for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Add vocational studies and apprenticeships into preK-12 curricula.
  • Facilitate open access to information, technology and skills training programs.
  • Provide parents with additional support and resources to create more effective at-home learning environments.
  • Integrate learning activities into public spaces and community programming.
  • Redesign our schools with collaborative workspaces, state of-the-art technology and creative sandboxes.
  • Upgrade libraries with new learning labs that feature modern tools and resources like 3D printers and virtual-reality simulators.


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