Reform city government.

  • Streamline government operations to align with our new strategic plan.
  • Restructure teams to be focused, lean and nimble.
  • Upgrade government tools, resources and infrastructure.
  • Modernize data systems and technology.

Invest in people operations.

  • Develop a more robust human resources management function, including with respect to recruitment, benefits and incentives, ongoing professional development, performance evaluation and compensation.

Create a culture of innovation.

  • Adopt innovation-led approaches and processes.
  • Integrate best practices used by private sector companies, including resident-centric design frameworks.
  • Create a more communal and collaborative working environment. 

Increase transparency and accountability.

  • Implement real-time benchmarking/progress calculator for all departments and initiatives.
  • Enable real-time resident feedback.
  • Create the “NYC Happiness Index” as an annual performance evaluation metric.


Engage private sector.

  • Adopt an open innovation model to facilitate greater collaboration with private sector.
  • Develop new ways for individuals and companies to fund, invest in and support government-led initiatives and infrastructure development projects, including a Community Co-Funding Platform, Private-Public Partnerships Group and City Endowment Fund.
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