NYC 2030

Our government needs to function on three levels:

Managing Current Operations


Implementing Improvements


Developing Longer-Term Initiatives


Our 2030 strategic plan outlines a series of immediate and long-term initiatives to improve our city and prepare for our future. It focuses on five key areas – quality of life, economy, sustainability, social justice and governance.

In our plan, we propose a series of policies, programs, investments and infrastructure projects, as well as potential sources of funding.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

We’ve redesigned the city’s organizational structure to better align with our strategic plan and objectives. From top to bottom, we will streamline government operations to make them leaner, nimbler, more efficient and more effective at achieving our desired outcomes.

In doing so, we will also eliminate redundancies and reduce costs, as well as open up our government to more meaningful collaboration with the private sector. And with a clearer breakdown of government departments, we will be better positioned to recruit top people, set measurable goals and evaluate performance.

Nominate a Department Head

Nominate a Department Head

We believe in engaging you in the recruitment of our team and giving you visibility to our expected appointments in advance of the election so you can make the most informed voting decision.