Improve police community relations.

  • Cultivate a culture of compassion, mutual respect, and personal freedom, responsibility and empowerment, particularly with respect to our communities of color, immigrants and religious groups.
  • Invest in neighborhood-based policing with community-elected officers and ongoing resident feedback on our practices and performance.
  • Improve NYPD transparency and accountability with more robust data collection, analysis and reporting tools, and an independent oversight committee.
  • Develop and adopt new policing approaches, techniques and equipment, including non-lethal containment methods, officer body-cameras and on-site drone cameras.
  • Address the underlying causes of crime by supporting no and low-income New Yorkers with Universal Basic Income, social welfare programs, and job training and matching programs to drive economic independence.

Overhaul subway and mass transit infrastructure.

  • Repair, upgrade and expand our subway and mass transit system, including new signals, cars and stations, with a $25B capital improvement program.
  • Develop new modes of transit, including a public point-to-point ride-sharing option.
  • Improve service and access for seniors and people with disabilities.

Clean the streets and upgrade city services.

  • Modernize our sanitation department and programs.
  • Implement new trash disposal processes to eliminate sidewalk trash, bad odors and loud noises from garbage collection.
  • Fix potholes and repave roads and sidewalks with more resilient materials.
  • Institute 'premium services' program with community crowdfunding platform.
  • Create new snow-collection and sidewalk defrosting equipment.
  • Repair drainage systems.

Preemptively defend against terror attacks.

  • Integrate smart sensors into public spaces to detect and report potential threats, including bombs or harmful substances.
  • Collaborate with the private sector, particularly the finance sector, to develop and implement cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and practices.

Reduce noise pollution.

  • Cut down noise levels with new sound-cancelling technologies and silent garbage collection equipment.

Expand parks and recreation programs.

  • Develop vertical skyparks to expand recreational facilities and green spaces in densely populated areas.
  • Implement a street greenification and pedestrianization plan to accommodate the changing needs of neighborhoods.
  • Institute new community-based events and activities, like pop-up waterparks, snowparks and picnics. 

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