Progressive pragmatism

Our movement is reimagining government’s role in shaping a fairer economy and more just society.

Smarter investments in new industries to create new job opportunities

Smarter support and protections for small businesses

Smarter infrastructure like subways that run regularly and on time

Smarter street cleaning services that use new garbage collection equipment

Smarter education that prepares your children for future jobs

Smarter health programs that reduce costs through preventative care

New Deal for a new generation.

By radically challenging the status quo – with innovation and technology, new ideas and fresh perspectives – we will collaboratively craft and implement solutions to our most pressing problems.

Our ambitious agenda is rooted in a belief that, working together on behalf of the public good, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

Policy Snapshot

Mass Transit Overhaul

$25B capital improvement plan

Tax Cuts

Zero city sales tax and zero city income tax

Affordable Housing

Rent subsidies and new housing complexes

Marijuana Legalization

Legalized recreational and medicinal use

Universal Mental Healthcare

Free access to mental health services for all