Ensure clean drinking water and waterways.

  • Prevent further pollution of our waterways.
  • Maintain our pipes and water distribution infrastructure.
  • Replenish the natural ecosystem displaced and eroded by generations of abuse.
  • Implement technology-based solutions to more cost-effectively and efficiently clean our water.

Reduce air pollution.

  • Convert all public vehicles to electric. 
  • Propose congestion pricing as a mechanism to cut down vehicular traffic.

Create sustainable, local produce.

  • Through NYCEnterprises, create an end-to-end system to grow, distribute and sell affordable produce.
  • Use hydroponic farming and other urban farming techniques to grow sufficient produce to feed ourunderserved communities.
  • Work with local grocery stores to implement a weekly “produce basket” program for households in need.

Initiate green, renewable energy solutions.

  • Develop new renewable energy sources like sea-based solar panels to source clean energy for all our city's needs.
  • Implement new energy-saving materials and technologies.

Additional Information

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